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August 2, 2013
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Question 54: Mother Russia's Favorite Nations? by Ask-Soviet-Russia Question 54: Mother Russia's Favorite Nations? by Ask-Soviet-Russia
I have other nations which I have liking for as well, but Канада and Италия are two which come to mind~! ^ J ^


(Ah, the ups and downs of being on Russia's 'special' list~ XD

Anywho, here's the real reasons behind choosing these two on this question. With Italy, Ivan has a certain liking for the Italian's warm, sandy beaches and beautiful countryside, and often likes to visit Italy when he's in need for a vacation (even though he terrifies the poor guy to death...but Ivan chooses to ignore that little fact~). With Canada, it's more about how Ivan can trust the northern neighbor not to cause too much trouble for him, unlike with many other of his country neighbors. They may have had their squabbles now and then, but nothing truly threatening in Ivan's eyes. He also may or may not enjoy teasing Canada every now and then~

There's a couple more I could have put here, but it would have taken too much room for a single question~ ^ ^)
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Well, if you say so... But, in fact, if Khrushchev's policy of peaceful coexistence would have been successful, your favorite nation could be your long-time nemesis, America. And don't tell me I'm lying, because it was one of Lenin's goal, revived by Khrushchev!

(One thing to note: you should have used the Soviet era flags of Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic guys. For any case, here you have links:

- Ukrainian SSR
- Byelorussian SSR
- Lithuanian SSR
- Latvian SSR
- Estonian SSR

Those details are somewhat confusing for normal people)
Monsieur, please let go.
/ Smiles uneasily
He he~! What if I don't want to, comrade~? ^ J ^ *grins broadly, his grip tightening the slightest bit*
/ Squirms and frowns
Maybe I'll use brute force to escape.

Be careful with my fratello, or I'll have to do something I'll regret..... even though Oliver's one of my best friends, I almost shot him for getting too close. I'd hate to lose my cool with you. *concerned stare*

(Lovino, you're just jealous he didn't include you.)
AskAikoUzumaki Aug 3, 2013  Student General Artist

*Glares at him sharply* .....Let Italy go, you bastard. Before I personally kill you... *More glares*


((No she won't. eue She'll just say that.))

*though his grin is still cheerful, something in his demeanor seems to darken at those words* He he he....I am simply giving comrade Italy a friendly hug, da~? Would you like me to give hug for you as well~? *Ivan stares at the girl with a menacing expression, his smile still present*

(Even if Ivan seems angry, don't worry, he won't hurt her~ ^ ^)
AskAikoUzumaki Aug 3, 2013  Student General Artist
*Aiko shakes her head* No. I don't need hugs. I need answers to my question I'm about to ask. Why torture all the countries? Not everyone wants to become one with you, including me.
EmeraldAngel2 Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I knew that your Soviet family and Arthur would've been the first choice~! I was curious as to who non family / boyfriend / workers you were going to choose. 
Canada and Italy are very nice, I can see why you chose them! ^_^
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